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back at it…or not. #momsontherun

I walked yesterday on the treadmill…being a rebel with an incline. Big whoop!  I want to run.  Badly.  Especially with this weather being as nice as it is.

I see people running on the treadmill as well as outside and it makes me SO excited about what’s to come for me….in a few weeks. (fingers crossed).  It also makes me want to throw a fork at them…

The walk yesterday left me feeling lots of pain in my feet today.  So I did the Arc Trainer today.  Again, big whoop!  However, at least I am doing something.  If it weren’t for my girlfriend Cheryl, I’m not sure I’d even be doing this.  We have been going to the gym together now that I can do things again and have the spare time to go to the gym – versus the time for doctors appointments and physical therapy appointments.

On a high note, I did however do 3 sets of 50 calf raises yesterday!!! 😉  I have to check, but the goal is to get to 100.  Not sure if that is consecutive or total.  Then from there I can start doing single leg calf raises.  Once I read that assigned goal I can start running.  Can’t come soon enough! 🙂

Did you work out today?