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my calf, my foot…am i really getting that old?

Frustrating and discouraged. I want to run. Especially since it is getting SUPER nice outside. However, after a simple 2 mile run, my calf is throbbing as I sit here. I am calling my doctor and my physical therapist today. It should not be doing this. My foot is a whole other “issue”. When I get up in the morning, it is painful. If I were to squeeze it, I would jump in pain. I constantly have to wear shoes or it hurts more. Ahh!! Just needed to vent. SERIOUSLY though?!??

On a happy note – this weather IS getting amazing. There was a frost advisory last night and I wanted to remember to cover up my beautiful flower that is already in full bloom. I totally forgot until this morning. Ahh!! It’s still a beauty thought.

Welcome Spring! My arms are wide open to you!