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lilianna turns 6! {project 365 :: 102/365}

I can’t believe it, but my first baby is now SIX years old.  Ugh…time flies! 🙁

But I am incredibly happy and SO blessed that God trusted us with her. She is my sweet, happy, over achieving, stubborn, relentless, sensitive Lili.  And I would have her NO other way!

On her birthday she awoke to her presents.  We always do them first thing in the morning on their birthday, I don’t know why.  Probably because I can’t wait any longer! 😉

She got a new bike, among other things that she could really care less about I’m sure.  She now has a bike like Daddy.  Now she wants to go mountain biking with Daddy – which I am sure she will do.  Freewheeler Bike Shop hooked her up big time with one of the coolest, custom mountain bikes I have seen!She just loves it.  And Daddy is loving every second of this too.   Mike says she will be able to ride this for a few years.  However, I don’t believe him.  If it’s anything like his style, she will be getting a new one next year too…


  • Jaime April 15, 2012

    So cute. She is getting so bit.
    HaPpY BiThDaY LiLiAnNa!!!

  • Eileen April 17, 2012

    That smile says it ALL! What a wonderful birthday I’m sure she’ll always remember. Darling photos, too!

  • Carinn April 18, 2012

    I just love how glowing happy her face is in those pictures with her new wheels. 🙂 I can’t believe that little Miss Lilliana is 6 already though!

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