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who has your vote? #election2012

In all honesty, I am not sure who ever is voted in will be able to make a ton of change on what has happened over the last 4 and even 8 years.  However, my choice for voting this year rested on morals and values and what I BELIEVED was the right thing.

I have seen this video over and over on Facebook, but didn’t take the time to watch it until today.  It’s VERY eye opening.  I’m sure it’s skewed, however if HALF of this is true…it’s scary!!

Take your time.  Research. Do your civil duty to VOTE!

BUT…if you don’t vote…you have ZERO RIGHT TO COMPLAIN.  If you don’t speak your voice, no one will hear!

On a happy note, if you vote TODAY or have already via absentee ballot, head over to theSIMPLEmoms for some extra entries in our giveaways!