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she walks…I react. obviously.

Preslee is 16 months old and our latest walker. We weren’t concerned as she was getting around just fine with her little walker and crawling. When people asked if she was walking yet, we would smile and laugh with a simple no.

Well, the day finally came the other night. And she has continued waking. It is so darn cute! 😉

There is no doubt about it, I over react. Here is yet another example of me being overjoyed at one it my daughters’ accomplishments.

I can’t help it. I adore these little girls!


  • Ginny Logan December 24, 2012

    You are so funny Shannon! That’s MY favorite part of the movie. Annabelle was a late walker too. Kids do things at their own pace. Way to go Preslee.

  • Keri Randall December 24, 2012

    Shannon –
    LOVE IT!! Your girls are so stinking cute and love that you post this stuff. Seems like Ella has been walking forever and I have already forgotten what this is like … GO PRESLEE!
    Hope you have a great and Merry Christmas!

  • Jaime December 25, 2012

    GO PRESLEE. You are awesome Shannon!! How can you not get excited for her…!!

  • Renee December 27, 2012

    SO cute 😉 Chloe didn’t walk on her own til she was 17 months 🙂 It was so hard when everyone else’s kids were already walking her same age but they sure do do it when they are ready 😉 Of course I jinxed myself with Claire walking at 9 1/2 months LOL 🙂

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