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i’m not a quitter…but I want to sometimes!

Let’s face it, we aren’t getting any younger.  That fact is apparent to me every single day when I look in my little girls’ face.  They keep growing…which means I keep getting older. But just because we are getting older, doesn’t mean we have to succumb to that fact…does it?  For me, it does not.  Obviously things change, we slow, we nap more (boo-yah nap time!), we change.  Change is good…but scary.  Change gets me thinking too.  A lot.

I heard about and was told about a 1/2 marathon coming up in April and wanted so bad to do it.  I just was unsure if my body would want to do it.  All was going really well…until I upped my miles too much too fast.  At least, that is what I think happened…after referencing “Dr. Google”.  I was following a training guide that I don’t believe was good for me.  So, hurt…and out for 2 weeks with IT band crap.  To top it off, all has been treadmill running.  However, I have been able to watch a show, smut really LOL! But nonetheless, a show, uninterrupted.  I mean, who wants to run outside in this crap…IMG_4855

Honestly, if my husband wouldn’t’ have signed me up for it, I would be sitting on my couch right now eating bon bons.  Or probably not bon bons, but I would have taken the time to make my dear friend Kate’s amaze-balls cookies!!  I want to make these soon…my reward after my 1/2 marathon maybe?

The Girlfriend’s Half Marathon in April could not be more appropriately named.  Without my girlfriends, there is no way this would be an option.  They are the ones that push me sometimes lovingly and they are the same ones who give me the encouragement that I need to get through a run.  Or get me out the door to run all together!  I most likely would not have done 10 miles today if it weren’t for my friends.  And I can’t forget my hubby.  He is who REALLY gets me out the door…with a boot in the butt sometimes! 🙂  But later today I received this text from him…stuff like this makes me smile 🙂

“Really proud of you.  I must say, I’m pretty impressed.”

In April, I will be checking another thing off my bucket list….I will run my first 1/2 marathon.  The full marathon is already check (thank GOD!!).  This is the next.  I can’t wait to do that…because I will! IMG_4914