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30 day squat challenge – let’s do this!

Earlier in the week, my friend Sarah posted this image for a 30 day squat challenge on her Facebook page.  Since I was in the last week of training for my 1/2 marathon, I knew that I didn’t want to add anything to my schedule.

Now, the race is over….it’s the beginning of the week, so let’s do this!

30 Day Squat Challenge
I have had two people that want to join in on this – so I though it might be fun to throw it out there and see who else is interested.  This is a super easy thing to commit to, and in my opinion, something easy to do AND see results after 30 days!!

Before you start, I highly suggest you google how to correctly perform a squat so you don’t hurt yourself.  Let’s have a little accountabily and do this little dealio together.  What say you?!?! 🙂

I’m starting today, April 14, 2013.  YAY!! 

One Comments

  • Jamie Bush April 22, 2013

    Hey Miss Shannon…..
    Couldn’t wait to print off this chart and get started. My first day of 50 it was difficult walking up and down stairs afterward because I was so sore, but it also felt good!
    Love exercises you can do without equipment, then there is no excuse when you travel! Thanks!!! Jamie 🙂

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