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dance watch day success and my silly kid.

IMG_8264 We had dance watch day today.  I always look forward to this day but in the back of my mind am freaking out about it.  I always worry my kid is going to be “that kid”.  I was so proud of her today though!  While she is the youngest in her class, she hung with all of them.  She knows her dance just as good and is just oh so cute and oh so happy.  YAY!

Collage 2

Collage 1
Here is a video of their dance.  Their recital is in a little over a month, so they have some work to do, but I say not to shabby for my 3 year old and her classmates!


  • jaime April 10, 2013

    seriously is that not the cutest thing ever. I love the booty shake.

    • Shannon April 10, 2013

      i know, love it too! thanks girl 🙂

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