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4 is 4 is 4…

I blogged over on the SIMPLE moms, on a topic I typically talk about here. I wanted to be sure to post this here as well for all the family and friends who check this out more than SIMPLE. {Side note, you shouldn’t by the way…SIMPLE rocks too LOL}

Anyways, here are a few excerpts from the post. Full one can be seen HERE.

is it a boy or a girl?{super fun image above pulled from The Bookworm Wife}

If you haven’t heard already, we are expecting our final blessing to complete our family.  Baby #4 is on the way and we are pretty excited!  Even though we have “been there, done that”, it’s still just as exciting for us the fourth time as it is was the first time. 🙂

For now, I am dealing with some big questions with what we are going to do in about 3 weeks.  We find out (if baby cooperates) after Labor Day.  The big question is whether or not we will find out in the ultrasound room or save that excitement to experience with our family and friends.  I’m like 98% sure I want to wait until that night before finding out.  But what I can’t figure out is if we do something cool or if we just open the envelope.  Hmmm…

If I had my pick, I would do what DesignHER Momma did.  Have you seen her reveal post yet?  If not, click on over.  I think it’s SO cute!  I would LOVE to include my kids like this.  When we found out what we were having the third time around, I have the envelope to my friend and she prepared an amazing party for us.  At the party we had a lovely cake, and the inside of the cake was PINK (instead of blue, obviously meaning the gender).  It was super fun too.

gender reveal collage logo

For us, it’s either going to be Team GIRL all the way, or it may be mixed up with a sweet little boy.

I have been asked about a bajillion times if I want a boy.  My answer.  Simply stated, I don’t care.  I am feeling so lucky and blessed that God gave us another one that I really just want what is going to be best for our family.  Sure, a boy would be nice to mix things up…but goodness me would that REALLY mix things up LOL!  I would have no clue what to do.  I’d probably have to move in with my girlfriend who has 4 boys already 🙂  I know, I’m being dramatic, but in actuality, I would just roll like the first time we brought a baby home.  I was clueless then too 🙂

If we had a boy, our name could go on as well. Honestly, that part right there makes me wish for a boy.  But who knows…

To have another girl would be just as cool.  We know girls.  We have PLENTY of girl toys clothes and everything else in between.  However, the seasons would not match, so I’m not sure the clothes would work in the end….

We haven’t done many of the wive’s tales out there yet either.  I did google “chinese birth calendar” and did three different calendars.  Those results were…




So, in regards to that calendar, boy it is!

My friend told me about another one, the Pencil Test.  Have you done that?  If I have time, I will do that for fun, full well knowing, nothing is a sure bet until the sweet baby comes out and we see with our own eyes.

I talked your ear off.  Talk to me!  What reveal ideas have you seen that rocked?  Do you have pictures or a blog post?  I’d love any ideas you can give me!!  Thanks for listening!!


  • Katelyn August 18, 2013

    I’ve heard another wives tale where you boil red cabbage and then add (sorry TMI time) urine to the water and if the water turns red boy and if it turns purple/blue its a girl.

    • Shannon September 3, 2013

      I know, I’ve totally heard that one too! Just didn’t want to dive in to THAT lol!!

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