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3-day potty training, at it again. {day number one}

Preslee is my third child to go through the regimen of 3-Day Potty Training. I was talking to my dad this weekend, telling him about the plans we had for this week. When I told him we were doing the same schedule that we did for her sisters, he assumed it was a couple week venture. He couldn’t remember just how quick it happened for the other two. It honestly got me to thinking too!

When I first researched how to potty train, everyone and their brother came out of the woodworks with their opinions. I didn’t have a clue what to do! Thankfully Becky, a friend of mine from high school, recommended this method to me. The rest is history! I can’t and don’t even know what other way to do it, to be honest.

Anyways, it was Preslee’s first day today. We didn’t have many tears. We had MANY looks of befuddlement as she couldn’t figure out why she was hearing her pee-pee go IN to the potty. She was just adorable. Some high emotions and many cheers and laughter with each success.



Day #2 has always been the worst. Like so bad that I’ve been in tears each and every day #2 with each kid. Day #2 is tomorrow but I’m optimistic it may go better? Today Preslee had many successes. I think 6-7 in the potty (including a #2) and only 2-3 accidents. One accident being her first one after putting her big girl panties on. I don’t recall the other girls being this “quick”, but only time can tell. I lay my head on the pillow tonight just wondering what tomorrow holds. I hope it’s fabulous, great things for our family in this potty training journey. 🙂

Until then….

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  • Lori Goodman November 4, 2013

    Starting to potty train our daughter. Reading the experiences of other parents is very helpful.

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