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i little update. and oh em geeee i’m 10 days from my due date!

Basically, our personal blog here has been and continues to be neglected.  The only reason, no time.  Any online time I have had has been going to de-cluttering my email inboxes and posting over on the SIMPLE moms.  My goal was to get all my required, pending posts done on SIMPLE this week.  I can’t believe it, but I may actually reach that goal!  That’s good too…because baby #4 is due in 10 days!!

Fun news this week at the OB’s office.  Baby girl decided to move up out of position and swing to the side a bit.  It’s called oblique positioning.  I was NOT a fan of that news. Ultrasound confirmed.  Since I returned home from that visit, I talked to a couple friends and have been doing some little things to help with position, in addition to getting adjusted by my chiropractor.  Side note, I have no clue what I’d do without my Chiropractor! From what I can tell, I believe she is down again, but we will find out next week.  She better be!  She can’t be giving me a hard time already, I am not even holding her yet 😉

The other fun happenings around here was an extended Christmas break.  The Thursday before break, Lili wasn’t feeling 100%.  It turned out to be nothing really, but we kept her home anyways.  The following day, school was cancelled.  Extra long break is what she was thinking – yay!!  Then, when it was time to go back to school, she had an extra two snow days.  At that point, she was about in tears as she wanted to see her friends at school.  That break was just too long for her.  It probably didn’t help that I wasn’t able to get up and go every single day due to the pregnancy.  Momma is tired!  Also, the weather was HORRIBLE a few days too leaving us cooped up inside even if I did have the energy.  Oh well, what do you do?  She is happy and both girls are at school this week now 🙂

The girls are both still asking about Abbie, Adalynn more than Lili.  Adalynn has been praying and thanking God every night that Abbie is no longer in pain.  But then she follows it up with, and I can’t wait until you send her back down again so we can see her.  It breaks my heart, but I am so thankful that she knows Abbie is no longer in pain and that she is with “Jesus and God”.

So…this is me.  10 days out from my due date and 5 extra days added to our Christmas break.  I’m here…kicking and living, loving on my life that we have been blessed with 🙂me