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needless to say, i’ve been away…

Well, needless to say I’ve been pretty MIA on this blog. It started off as a family blog where I shared a ton of pictures of my adorable kids. Over the years, it turned to an outlet where I shared things that were on my mind, mixed in with more adorable pictures of my kids. Then… It turned into about, oh….nothing for a few years while
life was nutso.

In the meantime though, the posts that I would typically share on here, have been written over and over in my head.

2016 has definitely been a roller coaster of a year and I have been missing the writing outlet that this blog used to be. Instead of getting it out of my head, and onto the blog, it has stayed in my head and story after story is stuck there. So, I’m hoping to resurrect this for anyone that enjoys reading a bunch of gibberish 🙂

Feel free to browse old posts though while you wait for new, there’s a handful of them!