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a house divided.

We have a house divided.  And it’s not due to one liking Michigan and one liking Michigan State.  We have one that is thinking, our next little blessing is going to be a girl…. And one that is thinking our next little blessing is going to be a boy… I have tried my best to 

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a fall night.

Fall is my second favorite season to Summer. Nothing beats a Michigan summer. Other than a beautiful Fall day. I was out playing all night with Adalynn and Preslee while Lilianna was at Gymnastics last night with Daddy. Love my life. Love my family.

a day for firsts!

Adalynn has been wanting to ride her bike for a while now. But when the time comes, she freezes and gets back on her Joovy Bicycoo glider bike. But not yesterday. No siree-bob! She asked to go and go we did!  I quickly grabbed the camera with Preslee on one hip and my camera in 

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