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Deal Alert

A Pyrex deal I had to share!

Great deal alert!! I was on Younkers.com today looking around and I happened upon this: Guess how much it was?  Normally $55.  But I got it for…………. $24.97.  Well, Mike got it for that after I immediately called him when I saw it online. He was already out. Saved me a maddening trip to the 

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NEW ZhuZhu Puppies now available!

Ok, if you have been to my house, you know that my kiddos LOVE zhu zhu pets…L-O-V-E! The puppies are adorable too!  They come in tons of breeds…Husky, Shih Tzu, Yorkie, Dalmatian, Maltese and more! Well, there are NEW ZhuZhu Puppie Pets now available.  Check this out!! 🙂ZhuZhu Puppies are a part of the ZhuZhu 

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my family dollar loot!

I love a good deal, I mean who doesn’t?  Well, I had the opportunity over at SIMPLE to research Family Dollar a bit.  You have to head on over and check it out.  HERE is the link. In the meantime, check out the loot I scored for just over $50!!!  Seriously awesome!! 🙂

Savemore – I have twice now!

I have seen savemore.com a few other times.  The first time was for some headphones.  I bought them – well, with the deal they were about $2.  I have “purchased” again.  Except, I didn’t purchase! Just by signing up, you get $10 put into your account.  So I used that tonight to get a FREE 

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Seize the Deal – Grand Rapids!

I just heard about the Seize the Deal site.  I never of it before until today. On this site – it’s a lot like groupon from what I can tell.  But you can find great deals.  The one I got today was actually for Gymnastics Unlimited.  You can get their “day camp” for only $9, 

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Amazon Mom…

I heard about this from my friend Gretchen, and it seemed like a great deal!  So, I had to check it out.  It really is pretty cool! But, instead of me explaining it, a blogging and twitter buddy Erin did a MUCH better job than I would have done.  So, to save some time, go 

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Let’s make a DEAL!!

I signed up a long time ago for the Kohl’s email account….not sure when or why I did it, but I did.  I constantly get emails from them and normally take a quick look and then delete.  Well, this time I saw $10 off.  No minimum purchase necessary.  That is like $10 FREE dollars! So…obivoulsy 

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