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Goofy Kiddos

She likes corn!

Mike’s parents invited us over for dinner last night. It was totally yummy!! Adalynn finished up everything as did Lili. When we were all done, the girls started running around and playing. That is until Adalynn saw that Lili’s ears of corn were still within reach. She quickly climbed up into Lili’s chair and started 

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Annual Easter Egg Hunt!

This post is better late than never, right??  🙂 We braved the weather and went to the Easter Egg Hunt that my friend Barb throws every year.  Had a blast, even though it did rain the whole time.  Just wanted to share some pictures with you guys! Despite the weather, my girls had an absolute 

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My little monkey!

Not much gets past this little one….oh dear! And yes, I did see her do it, then proceed to run out and grab my camera.  Bad parenting?  I don’t think so….probably just not the best for the whole disciplining portion of my parenting LOL!  Come on, try and tell me you haven’t done that before 

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In an attempt to get a cute photo of my girls tonight in the lower bunk, I considered it a complete failure.  Until the last shot, which I’ll blog about later.  In the meantime, this is what I had to work with… Don’t mind my watermark, too lazy to take that off right now LOL!