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My Thoughts

thoughts on the tragedy on 4/15/13

This was submitted to the Tommy Mommy blog.  The original post can be seen there, but is an altered version of my thoughts…FYI. I am a runner.  A long distance runner.  I love it, it is one of the top things in my life that brings me closer to my Lord. It’s the road, me 

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my non-IRL friends… #tht

Today marks a first on SIMPLE.  We are starting a Thankful Heart Thursday.  One of our newest writers Renee is spearheading the project and I am so thankful for her! Honestly, I am so incredibly thankful for each and every one of the gals over there.  We are quite the hodge-podge, but mesh together so 

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gymnastics it is!

All summer long we have been talking with Lili on what “sport” she wants to do this school year. I already have her signed up for soccer (because I love it and hope she does too secretly), but the big discussion was whether she would dance or do gymnastics. We started her in gymnastics when 

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