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29 Weeks Pregnant : UPDATE!!

Well here we are, just about 10 weeks to go in this pregnancy.  GOSH!  That sure did fly by. Feeling overall pretty good.  Getting bigger…as you will see below 🙂 (If you want to follow the journey along with me, click each to see my 12 week, my 16 week, my 20 week  and my 24 

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24 Weeks Pregnant : UPDATE!

I really have zero desire to be at the computer today.  All I really want to do is sleep 🙂  But, had to do this update before it was out of date.  So, let’s get to it!! 😉 Here I am, late again.  I was “technically” 24 weeks on Saturday.  So, a little late, but 

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Our Surprise!

Sunday we had a get together with some of our closest friends and some family to celebrate Baby #3!  Here is a video of the reaction of all.  Thanks to Sam Randall for posting this to Facebook so I could get it off of there and have it as well!! 🙂 I’m working on editing 

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Come Vote! :)

OK, so now that the ultrasound is over and the ultrasound tech was able to figure out the sex of the baby, I figured it would be fun to put up a poll on my blog! So come on over and vote! Just click HERE and you will be directed to our blog. On the 

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The Ultrasound Results!

Just kidding…no results here today….just a little update! It was fantastic!  It was just fabulous to see our newest edition for the first time!  For all those that have been asking, NO we didn’t find out.  The ultrasound technician put  the gender in an envelope and that envelope is now in Gretchen’s hands.  We will 

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20 Weeks Pregnant : UPDATE!

Well, I am a few days AFTER my actual 20-week update. But, nonetheless, here it is for all of you who care! 🙂  If you want to follow the journey along with me, click each to see my 12 week and my 16 week update. And, one of the funnest posts I’ve done, how I told 

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Just emotional…

I’m an emotional person to begin with, just ask my husband.  I cry very easily, it’s kinda funny.  But now that I’m pregnant again, gosh let the flood works begin!  Doesn’t take much, a sappy billboard, a Hallmark commercial….and this blog.  Joy’s Hope. I found this gal’s blog via another blog I follow, Styleberry.  I 

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I can’t help it…

I can’t help but think I am having a boy. Everyone except three people have guessed boy. I don’t know if that’s because I already have two girls and people think we want a boy. Or if it’s because this pregnancy is different than the other two? But with that being said, now onto my 

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