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glimpses {week 2}

Here it is again, link up time! I’m linking up to Diana Wrote’s blog again. Here is our week, in pictures (when I had my phone with me). I took more pictures this week, however they are on my big dog camera and I haven’t uploaded them yet. What did you do this week? Talk 

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A phone call-worthy picture…

We had soccer practice and I was faux-coaching. After all, they are approximately 6-7 years old and let’s be honest, are more concerned about pointing their toes while doing cart wheels than correctly shooting the ball with their laces, and not their toe. Nonetheless me and my girls were there. Not only the team, but 

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a fall night.

Fall is my second favorite season to Summer. Nothing beats a Michigan summer. Other than a beautiful Fall day. I was out playing all night with Adalynn and Preslee while Lilianna was at Gymnastics last night with Daddy. Love my life. Love my family.