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it’s Blissdom 2012 for me…hopefully!

After chatting with Emily over at DesignHER Momma and reading thoroughly about it on Twitter and Facebook, then reading further about it at Latina Bloggers Connect, I am about 90% sure I want to go to Blissdom ’12 in February.  It will be my first blogging conference.  I’m scared and excited all at the same time.

On Twitter I found a giveaway for a ticket.  Oh how I would LOVE this as I will be going on my own dime to this conference since I’m so late to the game and haven’t lined up any sponsors yet.

Wait…unless you want to sponsor me???  I’ll be learning about social networking, photography, blogging….on and on!!  I’m serious!  Ok…back on track.  🙂

Over at Latina Bloggers Connect she is running a giveaway for a ticket.  Come to Mama!!  So, I’m entering over there.  You can too…just click HERE.  However, how jealous I will be if you win and I don’t!  LOL!

I don’t know what I’m in for…but anything with “bliss” in it’s name…I’m all about.  Who couldn’t use bliss?  I know this Mama of 3 sure could.

Wish me luck!!


  • designHER Momma January 3, 2012

    oh I want you to go!!!!!

  • Jaime January 4, 2012

    Where is Blissdom and the dates?

  • Jaime January 4, 2012

    Oh I just looked. It looks fun…you driving?

  • Shannon McAvoy January 4, 2012

    I'm working on it Emily!! We shall see! 🙂

  • Shannon McAvoy January 4, 2012

    Yah, I'll drive if I go. So many details to still figure out!!

  • Jaime January 4, 2012

    Emily – what would you say the overall cost would be for this trip?

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