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useful apps for this winter

3 Running Apps to Inspire You This Winter As the winter months set in, the inspiration to get out there and tread the roads even for the most disciplined runner is hard in such testing climates. Any additional motivation can come in handy, to stave off any lure of the sofa on a winter’s night. 

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i’m buying some mace!

(forgive me, my period button is broke on my keyboard) I’ve talked about it for a while now, but the time has come  I read today on Another Mother Runner about a young mom of 3 (pregnant with her 4th) being brutally killed on a run  You can read what I read HERE  It’s horrible!  

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back at it…or not. #momsontherun

I walked yesterday on the treadmill…being a rebel with an incline. Big whoop!  I want to run.  Badly.  Especially with this weather being as nice as it is. I see people running on the treadmill as well as outside and it makes me SO excited about what’s to come for me….in a few weeks. (fingers 

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