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i was bit by a dog but keep going back running…

Well not physically chased, but none the less…chased.  Every time I go for a run, there are dogs barking everywhere.  I am so on edge during my runs that I feel the snapping of a twig makes me thing a huge Rottweiler is on my heels ready to take my leg off.  But every time I turn around, it’s really just me stepping on something to make the noise.

Apparently I have good reason to be thinking about dog bites, because no joke, I received 3 emails today talking about this exact thing.  Humph.

Another thing that puts me on edge, bikers coming up behind me without notice that go flying by.

Side note – IF YOU ARE COMING UP ON SOMEONE GOING SLOWER THAN YOU, IT’S A COURTESY TO LET THEM KNOW YOU ARE THERE.  Or else you may get mace in your face people.  I always let people know when I’m coming up on them – especially in my hood.

There have been multiple times this has happened to me.  Some biker comes up from behind and scares the living day light out of me.  I practically piss my pants – no joke (I mean hey, I have had three babies to holding it is a tad bit harder these days).  If I wore my heart rate monitor that I had (a whole other conversation for another day), there would be a huge spike in my heart rate.  I know there would because I almost pass out from fear that someone is coming from behind and is going to stab me.  Like I am that big of a deal, right?  Anyways…

Back to the dog.  There are dogs all over my routes.  I try to know what houses have dogs and what ones don’t.  And for those that know me, yah I am a stalker and you know that I KNOW what houses have dogs. They don’t call me “neighborhood watch” for nothing.  I have earned that title.

I haven’t been bit by a dog, and I hope to only be bit by a dog in my head.  Never in reality.  But nonetheless…I think about them one every. single. run.

Are you a runner?  Have you been bit?  Do you have the same fear as I do or am I the only paranoid runner on the roads these days?


  • designhermomma May 17, 2012

    So 2 years ago I was chased (for like 1/2 a block) by a Rottweiler. The kicker was that it was at the end of my run, so I was already half in the coffin. It’s bark was bigger than it’s bit, but still.

    • Shannon May 17, 2012

      Oh Em I’m laughing. I can only imagine. As I was barely breathing today at the end of my 4 miler I was thinking, “if a dog comes, I’m not going to fight it. I’ll just let it win..” Your comment cracks me up, I can so relate and I don’t know how you ran away. LOL! And what is it with people not taking care of their dogs. And unfortunately you hear SO often about Rots. I had a Rottie and she was so sweet.

      • Jaime May 17, 2012

        Funny you say this….growing up we owned a Rottweiler/Pit Bull mix and she was the best dog….and so sweet.
        One day after she was disciplined by my parents and she was in little house…I walked over to pet her…(I didn’t know that she was mad and this had all just happened)….yup she bit me….oh boy did that hurt….huge hole in my hand…off to the ER…torture for me the next couple of hours

        • Shannon June 12, 2012

          Oh heavens! Can’t imagine. That would be horrible ;(

  • Nicole May 17, 2012

    I’m a runner. Never been bit. I have come VERY close though (i was running in the country where dogs arent tied up and yards are too big to fence in) and since that day I now always carry mase with me. Not for fear of humans… but of the dogs!

    • Shannon June 12, 2012

      I really need to get some mase. For reals. 😉

  • Carinn May 20, 2012

    First, that is the best picture ever. lol! Second, the part about almost peeing your pants had me… almost peeing my pants!

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