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Swimming lessons from the Swim Nazi?

Today was epic. It’s the first day of summer break and we started it with a bang! Or should I say a splash?

The girls started swimming lessons. And not the coddle, lovey dovey kind. The kind from an instructor know as “The Swim Nazi!” I’ll be honest, I was terrified and anxious at the thought of these lessons, but all in all? My nerves were just that. Nerves. It wasn’t NEAR as bad as I had imagined.


Here they sit, waiting for the unknown. Many of whom screamed at the first stroke once they knew what was going on. I was joking with one of the other moms saying, “this isn’t a home based business she can keep to herself!” LOL! Some kids were utterly terrified and screamed helplessly as if it would save them from doing another stroke. Others screamed for attention in hopes that would help. All in all, no one was hurt and no one drowned.


Lili was too far away for me to snap a pic with my smartphone. But she was there swimming away and loving it! And she left me this sweet little note…


I did swimming lessons. I jumped on the diving board. She told me to point my face at the floor.



  • Ginny Logan June 12, 2012

    Is she holding her face under water? ?!?!? My hair dresser was trying to talk me into taking my kids to her “swim nazi” instructor that taught her girls. Your post made me giggle since I just had that convo on Saturday. Guess the swim nazi’s are the best of the best and know how to teach the kids what is what.

    • Shannon June 14, 2012

      Yes, well…I think so? I don’t really know. It’s not like they are holding them there, I think it’s more or less letting them know the hand is there and they have to learn to hold their breathe and focus on that. It looks crazy but it’s amazing!!! You totally have to do it Ginny!!!

  • SHAWANNA JOHNSON October 31, 2012


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