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she didn’t want to leave!

I am COMPLETELY amazed! And in shock honestly.

Today was the 4th day of swimming lessons with Ms. Rita…a.k.a The Swim Nazi.  I was so completely intimidated by her name that I almost decided to not bring my girls.  However, I am SO glad I did!!!

Today Adalynn was talking the whole way to swimming that it was going to be so fun, and she was going to go off the diving board, and ya-da, ya-da.  We get there, unload the car…and BAM!  She bites it, right on the concrete.  Bloody knees..then the tears start.  I was so bummed because she was SO excited about swimming.  I was so worried she wouldn’t want to go in the pool.

Well, the only person she wanted to go to was Mr. Mike (now all us Mom’s FINALLY know his name!).  I think he is Ms. Rita’s son…a very nice young man, who my Adalynn is drawn to for her instructor apparently.  Tears stopped as soon as he had her.

Today was day #4 of swimming lessons. We go daily for two weeks.  Check out what Adalynn’s up to:

Can you believe that? I am a believer. All the kids have made SO much progress. It’s just insane!  Today, she didn’t want to leave!  We almost had tears because of that – not because of fear.  YAY!!

So thankful to her and her helpers!