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the day i flushed a couple hundred dollars down the drain.

You may think that I am just trying to be funny, but in all reality, I really feel this is what I did the day I decided to take my orthotic inserts out of my shoes.  Here is a little back story on it though…

I’ve been having some massive knee pain. Once using Dr. Google to diagnose it, I figured it was tight IT bands and upping my mileage too fast.  Or so I thought.  There is back story to all this upping my mileage too fast, but I won’t go in to that here…  After stretching, rolling and on and on, the pain was still there.  I was stumped.

I went out for a longer run one day and had to stop mid-way, basically in tears.  Not only from the pain but from the crashing dreams in my head to run my first 1/2 marathon.

But, what does one do that doesn’t know what to do? I went for another run. LOL!  I was running with two girlfriends who are running this race too.  During the run,they are talking about running shoes.  I thought ot myself, THAT’S IT!  It’s my shoes.  Then I thought a little more.  It’s actually could be my orthotics!  Guessing as good as I could guess, I left it at that.  Then I headed out, with orthotics in for a 4-5 miler a few days later.  At three miles I was crying due to the pain.  I stopped on the sidewalk, took out the orthotics and started my run again.  In my head, I knew that was the answer.  The following day I went to the gym and ran 45 minutes with no pain.  YAY!

Another thing I wanted to mention, throughout my training I have also been doing a WillPower & Grace class at my gym.  I’ve been doing this for MONTHS.  love love love it!!  I hesitated to start because I felt it was a wimpy, no sweat, “say you are working out and doing nothing” class.  I could NOT be more wrong!  After my first two days of this class (no joke people!), I woke up and the pain in my feet when I walked was gone.  Like…GONE!  I couldn’t explain it, but knew it was real.  The instructor told stories about all these people overcoming physical challenges by taking this class and I thought, good for them. I am now ONE of those people!   No orthotics, my muscles feel so strong, my back muscles feel different…it’s an unbelievable feeling and unbelievable class.  I should write more about that some time…

While I’m still not sure I’ll be able to do this 1/2 marathon given my new “form” adjustment, I am going to try darn it!