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glimpses {week 1}

I have been following Diana Stone on Twitter and Instagram since I went to Disney for #DisneySMMoms. She recently went through a massive loss of her son. I have shed many tears for her and her family, and continue to read along…because what a beautiful family they are.

She recently started a *Glimpses* series and I was very excited to read this. I take a bajillion pictures with my phone each week and have been wanting to do a weekly wrap up. Just haven’t taken the time. No time like the present!!

{I have so much more, as you know if you follow me on Instagram or SIMPLE’s Instagram. This is week one, so I’ll ween in.  I don’t want to scare you off on the first week.} 🙂

My girls had they first days of school last week. Second grade and 2-Day Preschool. Eekkkkkkk!!!



The second day of school for Lili was a big one for us. We got our first glimpse of sweet, healthy baby #4 cooking. 😉 And yes…it’s another GIRL!!


We rounded off our week with Adalynn’s first soccer game and a girls night since daddy was out of town. A good week for us.





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  • Drea February 28, 2014

    Congrats on girl #4 – having 4 all the same is the best. We have 4 dudes now 🙂

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