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Another BIG bow!

I just love ’em!  LOL!  They are so big, but SO fun! 🙂 Here is Preslee’s outfit from Christmas. I could just eat her up!! I’ll post more about Christmas later, but here is for starters.  Outfit and bow from Anna’s Bow Shop, found on Facebook.  Thanks Sarah!!

It’s CHRISTmas people!!!

I don’t know why but I am INCREDIBLY bothered this year with all the Happy Holiday’s nonsense.  Dear goodness me!!  It was Christmas years ago, it’s Christmas now and it will be Christmas in the future for me and my family!! My Lord and Savior is everything to my family and I.  I can’t imagine 

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christmas card 2011

Our Christmas Cards – finally complete! I typically send them out the day after Thanksgiving – let’s see how my schedule works out this year with my three little ladies!! 🙂 Stationery card View the entire collection of cards.